SZM Inc. is an ICT specialized business located in Toronto, Ontario in Canada.

We would like to greet you with our know-how learned from failures because experience of failure is more important asset than success story.

We have a reach experience in R&D with 8 years in Korea and 12 years in North America & China. We also have our own know-how learned from much trial and error in various fields ranging from manufacture of aesthetic devices to development of ICT (Information & Communications Technology) products combined with office equipment and manufacture of automotive parts. However, we have never ended in failure.

From now on, we will put our own know-how learned from failures into ICT convergence products under development.

Would you like to see future product we created?

" Let us introduce it to you. "


We hope to be able to create a product that will satisfy your thirst like an oasis paradise in a desert deprived of water.


Why You Can Trust Us: Hardware development, production and distribution is tough, but we are well placed to deliver on our promise. Below are some of the concerns we’ve identified, with our action plan to secure success. 

Manufacturing: We have already contracted an established manufacturing company in South Korea, which is capable of producing our product to the time frames we have set. The facility has extensive experience in manufacturing IoT products and has been thoroughly vetted by our internal team and external advisors. 

Investment: We have already signed deals with local investors who have made financial commitments to Magic Nanny and are helping us connect with strategic partners and future clients. 

Strategic Partners: We are currently in discussions with a number of world-renowned cosmetics manufacturers in Korea. They are providing strategic support and will offer powerful global marketing assistance once we begin full production. Once final details of partnerships are confirmed, we will update.