We would like to greet you with our know-how learned from failures because experience of failure is more important asset than success story.

We have a reach experience in R&D with 8 years in Korea and 12 years in North America & China. We also have our own know-how learned from much trial and error in various fields ranging from manufacture of aesthetic devices to development of ICT (Information & Communications Technology) products combined with office equipment and manufacture of automotive parts. However, we have never ended in failure.

From now on, we will put our own know-how learned from failures into ICT convergence products under development. Would you like to see future product we created?

" Let us introduce it to you. "

Magic Nanny, we were born to accomplish something remarkable. We would like to do our best job in our best field. We aim to become the top in the field we are good at and enjoy.

In its first year of business, we have successfully launched two of its products,

“Magic Nanny Baby Feeding Doll” and “Magic Nanny E-100 English Learning Pad”.

Now it's developing a portable image projector, which is capable of receiving DVB-S2 broadcastings, and a wrist support to measure its user's stress, both to be its key items for the future in this digital age.

Based in the Greater Toronto Area, ALC21 is a full-service design, advertising and marketing consultancy that leverages the power of design to communicate and effectively sell its clients’ products and services. We offer a wide spectrum of design, creative and media solutions to help you market your business.

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