My daughter told me that if this mirror really makes it to the marketplace, worldwide, then so many women will not take their eyes off of it.  So I kept repeating the word ‘She-z-mirra’ and we decided to name it "Shezmirror", "She-Z-M".

Skin Care, Are you spending your money and busy time?

Skin Care Mirror - She Z Mirror enables skin care using a mirror you look in every day!

This product analyzes a user’s skin condition and providing a solution by connecting to a real-time expert with the results.

It provides security features of the product with motion detection and voice recognition that traces a user’s voice, which is very useful from home.

The Details:

- Differentiate a registered user's voice through voice recognition
- Compatible with mobile devices and automatically conducts a video analysis
- Diagnoses a user’s skin condition by analyzing the video data
- Automatically starts with motion detection and operates as a burglary watch with an offline mode
- Recognition through sound data analysis and detection of user’s certain voice expressions (screaming) 
- Emergency alert system with auto-generated mobile text messages and siren
- Auto Tracking feature keeps track of a voice and detects and adjusts the mirrors angle according to the sound source
- Extends the functionality and usability of mirrors to various areas, by breaking the stereotypes of existing smart mirrors that were not portable. This includes home security and personal care (beauty) as a form of personal smart mirror that is portable.
- Extends the usability of existing mirrors that were limited only to skin care, with features such as Auto Tracking.
- Through newer technology, we strive to meet the needs of consumers whose issues were not resolved by the current products or services. We have made the use of smart mirrors a great deal more user-friendly for consumers.  This has contributed to greater marketability, allowing for mass-production.
- It is also possible to create a mirror that can function far beyond its primary purpose which was for skin care.  It adds new value to the field of beauty care products in the mainstream.

By adding core IT technologies and compact home security functions, we have addressed the high cost of manufacturing in order to produce the existing smart mirrors and making the mass production  more feasible.  We have made the smart mirror products more affordable to many consumers.

By implementing analysis and classification of sound recognition algorithm to the mirrors, we expanded the functionality of mirrors beyond health and fashion.  Development has gone to the next level (Home security, Care for the elderly).

We are contributing to society by preventing crimes against women and the elderly.  Our product makes life more enjoyable through our basic home security that is extremely affordable.

A product can lead the time only if responding to changing times. More and more people are caring their skin by themselves at home due to the economic recession! The development of IT technologies and changes in lifestyle patterns has caused rapid growth of the next-generation IoT market.

Our Skin Care Mirror - Shezmirror is a mirror reflecting a new world of skin care.

Our mirror analyze your skin and helps you maintain your skin easier than ever!

Shezmirror is a device that will connect your daily life style into technology


#1. Face Detection

First checks whether user is in front of mirror or not, SZM will only recognize registered user's face. If unregistered user face is detected, scanning will stop automatically.


#2. Skin Analysis

Whitening Analysis, Wrinkle Analysis will be mainly scanned.


#3. Skin Condition Report

The results will include three sections, Whitening, Wrinkle and Frackles.


Functions & Contents


User recognition, analysis of skin condition, graphic display of measurement date, construction of individual DB, wireless communication functions, and Social Networks Share.

How to Use


1. Facial Recognition

User recognition and skin scanning

2. Analysis and Management

Analysis of user's skin condition (skin health, aging, spot, wrinkle and others) through the module connected to the camera

3. Proposal of Management and Solution

To propose management and solution corresponding to information by forwarding the analytical results to mobile applications (recommendations about improvement programs, related videos, products, and clinics)

4 Construction and Sharing DB

To motivate users to use the product by statistically providing daily, weekly and monthly information on skin condition and Social Networks share function 

A. Whitening Analysis
- Image extraction of the center area of the face (around the nose and cheeks)
- Measure the value per pixel (brightness) of the extracted image
- Combine the values of the measurement, then get the average value of the pixels (average brightness)
- Get the average value based on the percentage by dividing the average value of the pixels by the average web color code 256 (The value is higher when it is close to the maximum brightness value of 256)

B. Wrinkle Analysis
- Image extraction of important spots where wrinkles tend to appear a lot (around the eyes)
- Histogram Equalization
- Maximize visibility of the original image by applying the Histogram Equalization technique.

C. Freckle Analysis
- Image extraction of important spots where freckles tend to appear a lot (around the nose and cheeks)
- Histogram Equalization: Maximize visibility of the original image by applying the Histogram Equalization technique
- Edge Finding: Detect the point (Edge, contour) where the pixel value is rapidly changing by using the Edge Finding technique.
- Get the value based on the percentage by measuring how close the value is to the best value(100)

- Sound Tracking System

Sound Tracking System It tracks your voice and mirror will automatically turn to your direction

- Motion Detection

Mirror will detect your motion within 20 - 40cm range

- Emergency Alert

Alert system that will recognize high frequency sound and will alert your family or your friends and makes an alarm sound

- Special Frequency Recognition

Shezmirror will recognize special frequency for screaming