Frequently asked questions


How do the functions below work? Also, is this information accurate and reliable?

  • Condition of Skin:

The Magic Nanny algorithm uses the k NN algorithm and artificial intelligence analysis to analyze the degree of wrinkles, skin complexion, freckles, and blemish index. The accuracy has been tested by an accredited testing agency, and operates with a 90% accuracy range and 10% error range.

  • Cosmetics Recommendations:

There is a recommendation algorithm that automatically analyzes the latest user’s preferred order depending on their skin complexion index. Users will receive automatic daily cosmetic recommendations best for their skin index and can be used to aid in selecting products.

How long is the warranty valid?

The warranty is valid for up to six months after purchase. You can receive service at any time during the warranty period at the AS Center.

Is it possible to manufacture a limited-edition design?

We are ready to cooperate, so you may discuss the quantity and method in a consultation with a Toronto representative.

How much does it take for the streaming function to work? (Does it not work?)

  • D: 120 Degrees (Diagonal)
  • H: 85 Degrees (Squared Angle)
  • V: 62 (Perpendicular)

The purpose of the above angle for the security camera is based on the optimal angle for skin analysis.

  • Is there any limitation in camera use if the angle is narrow?

In the case of home CCTVs, it is common for devices to be fixed in place, and we chose this angle for analysis and real-time videos.

  • If the angle is narrow, then you probably have to keep moving it from when you put on makeup and when you go out.

The camera for analysis is mounted on the center of the mirror. The user can put it in a convenient place, such as a vanity, bathroom, or desk, to use. The angle can be adjusted freely, allowing the user to adjust the angle to their optimum angle. Additionally, SZM is designed to be detachable and portable so that it can be carried in a purse.

How loud are the speakers?

There are two 3w speakers. Volume is important when having a barbeque party outdoors or have a house party.

Once you connect the Bluetooth, will it automatically connect afterwards?

Yes, once you connect for the first time, it will automatically pair from then on. (Although it is simple to do, it will be a hassle to continue to reconnect after an outing or some time has passed.)

Is there a notification when the skin analyzing is ready?

Yes, you will get a notification through your mobile device. However, you can check the result on the mirror as well. You can get additional information through application

Do they come in different colours?

There are black, pink and white.

Can you use the camera's real-time functions no matter how far away you are? (Security camera function)

As long as you have wi-fi, you can observe your home from wherever you are. If you do not have wi-fi, you can use data for this function. As long as you are in a wi-fi zone, you can observe your home from wherever you are. If you are not in a wi-fi zone, you can use data for this function.

How long does it take to fully charge, and how long does the battery last?

It takes about 40 minutes to an hour, and it can be used for approximately 4 hours, depending on the situation.

Will the LED hurt my eyes from being too bright?

The LED is 2,000LM ±50LM. This is the brightest setting and has 4 adjustable settings.