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Takes pictures of user for skin complexion analysis & CCTV function

Complexion Analysis


- The results of the user face taken via the front-facing camera of the mirror are analyzed by the brightening, wrinkle, freckle, and pimple indexes

- Records and graphs daily, weekly, and monthly comments on when your skin is at its best and worst to show the best lifestyle pattern, eating habits, etc. for your skin

You can check the degree of change in your skin through the measurement data statistics

- A different solution depending on analysis results is provided (recommended cosmetics, skin care videos/skin care clinic recommendations (ver. II)


1. Facial Recognition:
User recognition and skin scanning

2. Analysis and Management:
Analysis of user's skin condition (skin health, aging, spot, wrinkle and others) through the module connected to the camera

3. Proposal of Management and Solution:
To propose management and solution corresponding to information by forwarding the analytical results to mobile applications (recommendations about improvement programs, related videos, products, and clinics)

4 Construction and Sharing DB:
To motivate users to use the product by statistically providing daily, weekly and monthly information on skin condition and Social Networks share function 

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Security Features

Real-time streaming can be enabled when in the “out” mode

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