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A New Generation of Mirror

What is the SHE-Z-MIRROR ?

This product analyzes a user’s skin condition and providing a solution by connecting to a real-time expert with the results.

SheZmirror not only analyzes the skin, but is a smart mirror that combines a security camera function for a single family, the ability to check the daily life of pets, a Bluetooth speaker, and a light therapy function.

We combined the mirror we use daily with ICT to make a next generation smart mirror that brings new life.

SheZmirror will transform your daily life to a place that is at a higher level.

  • Automatically set to start filming video surveillance.
  • Automatic emergency notification texts sent out to pre-registered contacts.
  • Real-time streaming can be enabled when in the “out” mode
  • Check your pet’s daily routine


  • The results of the user face taken via the front-facing camera of the mirror are analyzed by the brightening, wrinkle, freckle, and pimple indexes
  • Records and graphs daily, weekly, and monthly comments on when your skin is at its best and worst to show the best lifestyle pattern, eating habits, etc. for your skin
  • You can check the degree of change in your skin through the measurement data statistics
  • A different solution depending on analysis results is provided (recommended cosmetics, skin care videos/skin care clinic recommendations (ver. II)
  • Bluetooth pairing with smart devices makes it easy to enjoy music at any time
  • Can automatically pair your smartphone to She-Z-Mirror when you return home without any manual reconnecting.
  • You can enjoy music while putting on makeup with the sound-rich Bluetooth speaker mounted on the mirror.
  •  The speakers on the back of the mirror allow you to enjoy well-balanced music with a high-power sound
  • The Lithium polymer battery boasts excellent battery efficiency.
  • A simple design of LED lights illuminates the mirror for applying makeup.
  • The LED lights' brightness can be adjusted for general purposes.
  • Create the desired atmosphere with the mood lamp that has various colors and adjustable brightness
  • Can be used with a soft mood lamp and bright makeup light.

Take time for your better skin
The SHE`Z MIRROR has been designed for greater ease of use enabling you to analyze your skin condition anytime, anywhere.

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